Visualize Your Experience

Amal Fellowship is not just about a three-month journey, it’s a lifelong experience that will remain with us in our entire life.

My journey with Amal Fellowship will remain memorable, as it is full of memories that I can never forget. I found a family with whom I can feel myself, share my secrets without any fear. I can ask for help and able to help others when other’s ask about me.

I started this journey with not much a passionate attitude but as the fellowship was going on and on and sessions after sessions, my passion and interest went to an extreme level. I can clearly see a major difference in my personality than before. In the start, I thought like this kind of fellowship might be something that I had looked for so much time and now I was at the right station. There were some moments when it became so much difficult to carry on but the one thing that insisted me to continue was my passion to learn new skills and to be a better version of myself than ever before.

I learned time management through this journey which will be very helpful for me in the future during my professional life. One thing that I noticed, my typing speed got so much better after typing comments for each online course and writing blogs as well as my professional way of communication became so much better.

But something that really inspired me and helped me to better understand myself as well as reminds me of my first 2 weeks of AMAL FELLOWSHIP is when I saw so much stuff lying here and there on my couch.

Experience: I was so busy in my final exams that I didn’t even notice how much stuff was lying around me and in which manner all of these were present there. After today’s exam, I was free and decided to clean all of this stuff and to put them at their respective places. It made me feel the composed and clean person who noticed and try to keep her surroundings clean.

Feelings: By doing so, this experience reminds me of my Amal journey’s first 2 weeks in which we were asked to start from ourselves in order to bring a change in society instead of dreaming to do something at a bigger level. First, we have to compose ourselves and start from our own. So I took the initiative first myself by cleaning my room and then asked my siblings and cousins to do so.

Learning in the first 2 weeks: Learning about the first 2 weeks of the Amal fellowship was all about knowing yourself. These 2 weeks helped me to identify myself, what I want, what are the main goals that I want to achieve, the ways to achieve them and, to better understand myself. These 2 weeks gave a direction to follow and a path that leads to the way of fulfilling my dreams.

Discovery about myself: Through this journey I discovered myself, I was able to realize a totally new version of myself where I am much more productive, confident, able to convey my thoughts and ideas in a much more professional way. This journey helped me to discover a professional side of myself as well as the areas where I still need to focus in order to make them better. I realized that not everyone in this world has the same mindset and to adjust myself according to the other person’s ideas is the major issue that I always faced but due to this journey, I also overcame this issue.

The list of skills that I learnt from this fellowship is so long, main are time management, teamwork, problem-solving, positive attitude, leadership, humility, excel, mentor-mentee concept and, many more. These 3 months will always remain by my side and I am sure that it will help me at every moment of my life whether it’s professional or personal.

Special thanks to Mam Zeest and Mam Arooj for making this journey so much memorable, enjoyable, and, full of the learning environment.





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